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Month: November 2021

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There was so much work to be done that I didn’t know if we were going to have the time to do it. We had to start thinking creatively in order to pull this off and it was going to be a challenge, we had 3 trucks at our disposal from a dumpster rental near me offer,but taking trips to and from the dump was going to take too many man hours and was counter-productive.

I thought that it might be worth some of the money in our limited budget, to rent a roll off dumpster and just have it dropped off out front. In the end it’s always worth it, commercial real estate auctions were a gamble but they usually paid off. This particular unit was bought sight unseen and happened to have junk stacked from the floor to the ceiling throughout the entire unit. Sometimes in these situations there were some valuable things buried in the rubble, I considered that a bonus when that happened. 

The dumpster rental service that I contacted was able to set up delivery for the next day and when I arrived at 9 AM, it was already there. I was impressed, not only was the person on the phone unusually friendly and they were actually prompt and did exactly what they said they were going to. I liked to write reviews online when I had a good experience with a company as many times as when I didn’t.

Some people don’t understand how much a good review can help a company grow and earn more business and too often people only post comments when they’ve had a poor experience and I don’t think that’s right.

The massive oak tree was originally one of the selling points for this property when we bought it over 40 years ago. It had to be over a hundred years old by now and it unfortunately was dead and rotting out. Our family had a lot of good memories of that tree, there was still the dilapidated remains of the tree house I built for the kids 25 years ago, now I was gonna have to call a dumpster rental service so I had a place to put all the wood once I chopped it down.

I figured I had more than enough clearance in the space between the house and the tree so I planned to just cut out a wedge on the house sided so it fell that way when it came down. It would be much more manageable once it was on the ground plus, the sound of climbing around on a tree with a chainsaw didn’t sound too smart.

Once the tree was down, I could chop down each branch into manageable sizes so that my sons and I could walk them around the side of the house to the front where the roll off dumpster would be waiting on the street.

The dumpster showed up on Friday and the kids were supposed to come over the next morning to help cut the tree down. My wife decided that we needed to schedule one last family picture later that evening under the tree, she was the sentimental type and it didn’t mess with our schedule so I was happy to oblige.

One time, when I worked at the Dumpster Rental Service, I was approached by a man who was curious about “what” he was allowed to dump. I understood his concern, sometimes general contractors and people I deal with who are doing demolition work on old buildings or are working in hazardous areas are dealing with materials that need to be disposed of in a safe and proper way.

I told him that we could most likely help him out and I asked a couple qualifying questions about the kind of material he was dealing with. He looked perplexed. I felt awkward and a little confused myself. I said, “I’m sorry sir, let’s start over…what can I help you with?”.
His response was something I could never have anticipated and I laugh when I think about it even to this day. He said that he had two elephants, two bears, two ostriches, two buffalos, two dogs, two cats etc.

I looked at him and laughed out loud, he stared back at me with a deadly serious look, what seemed like an eternity passes and he finally smiles from ear to ear and a colossal belly laugh erupts from his belly. At that moment, my boss came out of his office and made eye contact with my customer and jovially came over and gave him a big hug. It turns out that this customer is an old friend of the boss’, they hammed it up for a bit and my boss said goodbye to his old friend and left.

The boss’ friend then came back up to the counter and looked at me with that same, serious stare again and told me he needed a roll off dumpster, only this time it was for a big blue whale. We laughed together and then actually had a serious transaction, what a character!